New wireless vendor hits Australia

Here at The Tech Geeks we constantly assess the vendors and their products so that what we offer our customers is the best spread of range. We rarely get sent product from vendors to test and promote, but we ensure that we test out and use the new ranges so we know how the products perform not just on paper but in situ.

A new vendor arriving in Australia is Alta Labs and we were delighted to get in some of their new access points the AP6 and check them out. In an already crowded market space we wondered what these guys were offering that others weren’t. We were pleasantly surprised at what we found. The AP6 fits into the more prosumer section, with great added features like basic content filtering, full cloud management (without extra subscription costs), ability to manage guest access, and wireless bridging the AP6 does what none of their price competitors do. It’ll be great to see how they develop within the market as they grow.

If you want to talk with a company that doesn’t rely on spec sheets but who knows their products and how they work within real life settings then contact us today. For a fuller assessment of the offerings from Alta Labs check out Paul Sillars’ latest video on youtube – First Thoughts on Alta Labs – Another Wireless Vendor Really?

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