New Watchguard product – T45-CW

The WatchGuard Firebox T45-CW 5G/WiFi 6 Firewall Appliance brings enterprise-level network security to small office/branch office and retail environments. This appliance is a small-footprint, cost-effective security powerhouses that deliver all the features present in WatchGuard’s higher-end UTM appliances, including all security capabilities, such as AI-powered anti-malware, threat correlation, and DNS-filtering.

The Firebox T45-CW supports up to 20 users looking for intelligent network security appliances to secure small environments such as a temporary site, branch office, or retail POS.

The Firebox T45-CW features 5G cellular and dual-band Wi-Fi 6 options built into the device that minimize disruptions to network activity. For all the full features checkout thetechgeeks website.

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