Improve your wireless

As a part of our commitment to helping our customers Paul Sillars has created a new youtube video that steps you through how to improve your wireless using a Mesh or an Extender. With Starlink impacting across Australia and New Zealand and opening up huge opportunities for those who live rurally we design many different setups for our customers each day. If you are looking to extend your wireless from a house to a granny flat or shed, or a paddock there are excellent and cost effective solutions available. The Ruijie range of products are a big hit with our customers and whether creating a wireless bridge from one point to another, or creating a wireless mesh the Ruijie products are easy to use and install.

As Ruijie sub-distributer Twelve Times is highly knowledgable on this range.

Find out more info by watching Paul’s video, or if you know the setup you are wanting then contact us and we can get you a design back.

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