How the cyberthreat is changing

For 25 years we have been in the internet security market and have seen many changes over those year, so it was interesting to hear articulated the distinct changes that 2022 brought. The SonicWALL cyber threat report brings to the fore where this ever changing area is now at. Articulated brilliantly by SonicWALLs President & CEO Bob VanKirk:

SonicWALL cyber threat report for 2023

“2022 reinforced the need for cybersecurity in every industry, and every facet of business, as threat actors targeted anything and everything. For instance, while the retail and finance industries typically see lower cyberattack volume compared with other industries, in 2022 both verticals experienced double-digit increases in malware, including triple-digit increases in IoT malware attacks and cryptojacking. These trends were compounded by the fact that new tactics are being developed with breathtaking speed. 2022 brought growth in pure extortion attacks, the fall of ‘Big Ransomware,’ widespread expansion to Linux and cloud targets, the adoption of powerful new languages and platforms, and the growing specter of AI and quantum attacks.”

Whilst this can seem incredibly daunting having the right advice to ensure the right infrastructure, but also the right services and strategies. With years of experience across many vendors the team at Twelve Times can help you work through the right way forward for you. Contact us today!

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