Help!!!! Where do I start with Starlink?

Need help with maximising your starlink connection?

Paul Sillars’ latest video for Out of the Box has already got an amazingly warm reception with the Starlink community here in Australia. Check it out today! We spend a lot of our time advising those in rural areas – from agriculture through to mining on how to maximise their internet connection (which is being revolutionised by Starlink) and get it to the places where they need it.

With new technology coming out in the different arenas to help those in rural areas across huge distances the need for wifi solutions has never been great. Need to get wifi to a field to track cattle coming in to feed? We’ve got the solutions! Need to monitor a plantation that has inaccessible areas due to weather? We’ve got the solutions! If you are looking to extend your internet connectivity across a large site the team at Twelve Times can help! Contact us today!

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