Over 25 years of expertise

What we love about our work is staying up to date, and thetechgeeks youtube channel regularly has Paul Sillars doing monthly updates as well as new product box openings and of course some of our back to basics how tos. Having been in the industry for over 25 years Paul’s knowledge and expertise is what’s driven Twelve Times and thetechgeeks to become so successful. Now with a team who have the same passion for recommending the right product for real world solutions, Paul has imparted much of that hard won knowledge and expertise to them also. In an industry that is totally recognisable 25 years on we offer understanding that has grown with the industry as it grew. What hasn’t changed is the focus on the customer – and we work hard to ensure we listen to the real world situations that our customers are experiencing and address that, with no agenda on vendor, instead what matters is the right solution for the customer.

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