New Ruijie products

It is with excitement that we get to try and test some of the new products that Ruijie have just brought out here in Australia.

First is the new wireless bridge unit the EST100 which sits alongside the EST310 and EST350 which we’ve seen do brilliantly in setups right across New Zealand and Australia. Running in the 2.4ghz range and able to cover clear distances of 500m at up to 100mb/s. This is a perfect solution for rural situations with a clear site but distances to cover. At only $109+GST (AUD price correct 12/10/23) this is an incredible product at a superb price point. Check out the 12v DC port!

Second new to market from Ruijie is the RAP2266 which sits beautifully alongside Ruijie’s other great indoor access point the RAP2260. With a beautiful circular aesthetic to be mounted on a ceiling this is made to fit in homes, hotels and offices and look good whilst also providing excellent mesh.

For overview and full specifications check out both of these products at the Twelve Times brand site

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