Helping our Australian farmers

Exciting things are happening here at Twelve Times, it’s a case of being in the right place at the right time with the right skills. As Australian citizens who live in the cities we can often have such a feeling of helplessness over the hardship our fellow rural farmers endure to keep us provided with food in this beautiful land we call home.

Starlink’s changing the internet landscape of rural Australia

So how can a tech company be helping farmers? Over the last few weeks we have had more and more farmers, as well as others who live rural, reach out to us as Starlink changes the landscape of rural internet provision. These farmers have been asking questions like:

How do I extend my Starlink to reach 10km?

What point to point setup can I use to setup systems at my water points?

I have line of sight across 5km what Ubiquiti equipment should I use to get connection across there?

Can you preconfigure the Ruijie Reyee bridge so that I can just plug it all in and it’ll work?

We have now been able to provide setup design and advice and products preconfigured to a number of farms which enable them for the very first time to use wifi products across huge distances. We have one farmer who can now monitor his borehole, another farmer who can tag their cattle at certain points across their acreage to see which ones haven’t come in for food. We got a delightful response from another farmer who we are working with during the dry season to get internet connection across their land half of which is bogged totally during the wet season and so they can’t see how their crops are growing – now they can!

Paul Sillars reviews the EST310 Wireless Bridge by Ruijie

What a joy! Using our expertise of wifi products like the Ubiquiti range and the Ruijie range of products we can provide just the right product in this game changer of a time! Check out Paul Sillars’ performance review of the Ruijie Reyee EST310 wireless bridge

If you need help with getting internet access across your rural property contact us now!

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