Protect your network with Sophos

Adaptive attacks of networks are increasing but with a unique offering from Sophos called Adaptive Attack Protection (AAP) you can protect your network. By purchasing one of Sophos’ endpoint products and with no setup or configuration needed you will receive the AAP as part of it. Intercept X customers also receive AAP as part of their package.

Reducing the likelihood of an attacks success, AAP gives more time to neutralise the attack. The AAP recognises signs of an attack and dynamically engages extra “shields up” defences necessary to respond to the attack. It recognises common attack toolkits and active, malicious behaviour and locks more protocols which are normally open for everyday use but in the event of an attack need to be locked away.

As a gold Sophos partner, Twelve times are thrilled to be able to offer our customers advice on first hand experience of the Sophos products to provide them with the best network protection.

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