Watchguard trade up deals

The Watchguard range of firewalls – T series and M series, have always been popular with our customers. Currently if you buy any watchguard firewall with 3 years total security (including all the services) then you get the hardware free! Literally you don’t pay for the firewall, just the subscription! At Twelve Times our desire to offer our customers the best advice and options is what drives us, so when we get a deal like this we do get a bit excited! Do talk to thetechgeeks team about what model in the range will suit you.

Sitting well on the price point, the T series offer an excellent entry level, table top firewall solution with wireless options. Check out the full range here

If you are looking for an enterprise solution, the M series is likely to cover just what you need. Again Watchguard’s price point is excellent. Check out the full range here

If you are interested in knowing more on how the Watchguard models perform and what they come with do take a look at our youtube channel watchguard playlist.

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