We know our stuff!

When it comes to product knowledge we are proud that our team at Twelve Times (the company behind thetechgeeks) know their products. We have a great time testing and configuring some of the latest products on the market so we know how well they perform – even down to how many concrete walls the signal will transmit through!

Dennis at thetechgeeks

Dennis recently did a load of performance tests on the Ruijie products, like the RAP6262 and Paul Sillars did a full unboxing on our youtube channel so that our customers will know exactly what to expect when they order it. It’s this kind of service that keeps our customers coming back.

Paul Sillars at thetechgeeks

They know that we will always help them make the right choices for what they are trying to achieve at the price point they can afford.

If you want to know the right product for your setup then do reach out to us.

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