Gen 1 switches in Australia!

As we move in and through August it is great to inform in Paul Sillars’ monthly update that Gen1 switches are now in. Having not expected these in until the end of the year, it is wonderful to be proved wrong and to see stock really starting to move into Australia.

With all the ports enabled for PoE with options of 24 and 48 volts these Gen1 switches are highly flexible. A great tool for running the airmax products from.

In stock now at thetechgeeks is the US-8-150W, the ES-8-150W, the ES-24-250W, and the US-24-250W. There are still some of the 48 port options out of stock, but this is a huge improvement for Australia.

Still if you are looking for hard to obtain products at Twelve Times because of our international reach we can often help, so do reach out to us.

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