Needing to power cameras or a bridge with no power? Check out Vigi SP9030 Solar

So often we’re recommending products to customers for their rural setups and are wanting a wireless bridge or a camera at a point where there’s no power. Many cameras come with a small trickle charge solar system but a wireless bridge device has to have some power. This new offering from TP-Link, the Vigi SP9030 solar was put through it’s paces by the technicians at thetechgeeks. An impressive and well thought through product we were very pleased to see what the TP-Link design team have included and how it’ll make such a difference in a number of setups.

Take a look and see the review of what you get and how it might work in your setup. Paul Sillars gave it a full review on thetechgeeks youtube and you can see the SP9030 Solar writeup.

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