In stock? Yes we mean it!

when we say in stock we mean it!

Let’s be real stock in Australia can be a real tricky situation, and there are some things that we can’t get hold of for our customers, but where we can at Twelve Times we love to procure items that other suppliers can’t get. We got this review from a customer recently which is all that we are about:

We got G5 cameras in stock for our customers

“I ordered a couple of UniFi doorbells that had been in limited release and supply around the world. Every other site in Australia listed the doorbells as unavailable with no estimate for when they would be. The Geeks had the doorbells to me within 5 days of placing the order. Subsequent orders have been just as efficient. Long live the Geeks!”

Founded last July on integrity and honesty (check out our ethos) Twelve Times want to consistently be a supplier that our customers can count on, that what we say we do. If you want to know consistently where you stand as a customer then Twelve Times and our associated brands are here for YOU! Contact us today or check out our online sales brand thetechgeeks.

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