Highly Recommended

It’s always great to get good reviews and we work hard to be known for our customer service, but this was the best to receive from a customer to whom we’d supplied Ruijie equipment to through our brand TheTechGeeks.

“Just a thank you post, first off to Terry for pointing me in the best direction for equipment.  And The Tech Geeks guys for answering my questions and helping me with my selection of Ruijie equipment to put on the end of a Starlink network. Both Paul and Gio didn’t hesitate to answer any questions i presented to them. Looking forward to trying out this brand of gear. So i can highly recommend this company for all your needs if in the market for such items. Cheers Tony”

So if you’re looking for a company who can understand real world problems and without vendor bias provide options of solutions to solve those problems then come talk to us!

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