Focus on customer service wins the day!

A huge part of our ethos as a company is high level customer service. In these fast changing times, with supply issues constantly causing problems, our communication keeps our customers not just informed, from these recent reviews we’ve got they are more than satisfied with our supply of Sophos, Fortinet, Watchguard and Ubiquiti products! Take a look:

“Thank you for the exceptional customer service, I’m a big fan of Paul and everything the team has done.”

“I won’t lie, this immediate delivery surprised me a lot. Positively, of course. Really, it would be hard to damage this package. Superbly secured.”

“Qualified service staff with whom contact is simply hassle-free.”

“The quality of the packaging is really satisfactory. Life really likes to surprise, I didn’t think that this package would reach me so quickly. It’s been a long time since I experienced such a high level of customer service. Flawless transaction, I recommend it to everyone.”

“I’ve purchased 2x hard to get items from The Tech Geeks and both items arrived blistering fast. (Unifi Instant Cameras) These are so hard to source in Australia and The Tech Geeks have come through! Many Thanks for your efforts, you have the winning recipe for success! CheersĀ “

And so if you want to deal with a company who will communicate and can obtain hard to track down items, contact us today

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